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Mappy Editor

Download MappyWin32 V1.4.23 (442K), for any Windows compatible OS
(Linux users should be able to run it under wine)

If you want to use PNG files read this

If you like it, register the Pro version

If you are using text export check the latest bugfix release

Screenshot (Windows editor)   

Mappy Playback Libraries

These libraries contain source to load and display FMP maps made with the editor in your games, all have examples:
MappyWin32 can also export data in a textfile for use with GBA and mobile systems.

Blitz Basic:
Blitz Basic:
Blitz Max:
GL Basic
Download MappyDX Release 11B (FMP1.0) (195K), includes windows demo exes
Download MappyAL Release 11D (FMP1.0) (116K)
Download MappyGL Release 3 (162K), includes windows demo exes, screenshot1, screenshot2
Go to the Javamappy 2.2.6 (FMP1.0) site
Download MappyJV Release 6 (FMP1.0) (86K). This is the old version
Download CDXMappy Release 10B (FMP1.0) (22K) (CDX DirectX game library)
Download SDLMappy 1.1 newer version than the site below
Go to the SDLMappy site also a Linux compiled version of Mappy
Download Mappy Delphi Delphi playback source
Download MappyBB Release 6 (FMP1.0) (95K) for Blitz Basic (Blitz2D, Blitz3D and Blitz+)
Download MappyBB Release 7 TEST 1 (40K) for Blitz3D only (also runs on 16k demo), please also get Release 6 above
Go to the BlitzMax Mappy mod site for Blitzmax
Download GBAMappy Release 2 (149K) for GBA, examples for GBA emulators and tutorials included
Download MappyUP Test 1 (FMP1.0) (85K) Preview
Download MappyGM Release 1 (MAP) (42K) for GameMaker
Go to the GL Basic loader site
Go to the XNA playback library site.

Games using Mappy

  Platform One Java platform game, playable in browser (MappyJV)
  R.A.D. Strategy/Action game by Leon Droog (CDXMappy)
  PinPin Cute penguin platformer by Kees Moerman (MappyAL)
  Xenon2000 Vertical scrolling shootemup by The Bitmap Brothers (Windows, 8mb+ vidcard recommended) (custom FMP)
  Jets 'n' Guns Horizontal scrolling shootemup by Rake (Windows, 8mb+ vidcard recommended) (CDXMappy)
  Alien Epidemic Above view arcade style game by Robin Burrows (MappyDX)
  Gravity Force and Gravity Strike Thrust style games by Jens Hassler (MappyAL)

Other map editors

  Tiled Java based map editor, also does diamond isometric
  Tile Studio (Windows EXE, docs) Windows map editor
  Games Factory pack (DOS EXE, docs) (very) old map editor
  Open TUME (?)
  GameDEV Game development system inc map editor
  Verge RPG RPG development system

About Mappy

  Mappy uses a fairly flexible file format called FMP. All the versions of Mappy and playback libraries use the same FMP files and are backwards compatible. Comprehensive help is included with the files and you should look at that for more information. Use of Mappy and it's libraries is free, I hope you find them useful.

Mappy Source

Note: The playback libraries above contain their own source.

Download Mappy V1.01 C source (47K) (Allegro compiler) I am informed this also compiles under Linux Allegro.

Download MappyWin32 V1.3.11d C source (130K) (Win32 compiler) . Contains all the source required to make the editor. This is useful if you want to add features or plan to port the editor to another OS. Please read the included readsrc.txt file.


View the MapApp Java based tile game creator work in progress page
View the MapWin32 Pro page
Download FMPViewer V1.2 for Java (39K) a simple FMP file viewer
Download Mappy V1.01 (DOS) (339K)
Download Mappy V1.01 (Windows) (377K)
Download Mappy Tutorial 1 (712K) (DOS, 95/98/NT) See Mini-FAQ for details and errata. This tutorial conatins some out of date information, including how to make your tiles picture for importing.
Included EXE may not run on some machines because of soundlib, recompile