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 Post subject: Playback library latest notes
 Post Posted: Fri Mar 07, 2008 5:48 pm 
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MappyAL 11D:
Linux gcc 4.0 report (also any sytem using a newer gcc such as devcpp):
"Compiling MappyAL with gcc 4.0 using Linux. It wouldn't compile (don't know the exact error anymore), but now using gcc 3.4 I think I've found the error: You are casting the value on the left side in lines 608,610,612 and 614, for example:
((BITMAP *) myblkstrpt->fgoff) = abmTiles[myblkstrpt->fgoff];
But this is deprecated. Changing it into
myblkstrpt->fgoff = (int)abmTiles[myblkstrpt->fgoff];
solves the problem (I've tested this version using the mpgame-sample and it works.)."

The book 'Game Programming All in one 2nd edition' says that only 8bit FMP maps can be used, when any depth is ok. MappyAL supports any map in all colourdepths (an example, 8 or 24bit fmps to a 16bit screen mode), graphics are converted on loading the map, so set your screen mode first.
The isotst.fmp map is 24bit (see the isodemo example in mappyal). the mpgame example uses a 16bit fmp. I'd recommend 8bit maps if your allegro game is using an 8bit screen, if you use a higher depth any depth fmp map is fine.

MappyAL has been tested on Mac OS X and works (including examples) except MapLoadMAR function (bytes need swapping)

A misplaced '}' means defining 8BITTOPINK will not compile (easy to fix)

MappyDX 11B:
The dxdemo files do not destroy their windows, this can lead to problems with higher versions of directdraw. The mappydx.cpp file itself is unaffected. A possible speed increase and smaller exe can be made by not linking with dxguid.lib, instead, add the line:
#define INITGUID
to the top of each .cpp file

MappyGL 3:
The GLUT examples included seem to use software render (slow), if you use MappyGL in your own project it should work a lot better.

SDLMappy 1.0:
This is very old, there are a number of things to look out for, you can get a better version here:
It really needs updating to the newer codebase.

JavaMappy 2.2.6: is back :) However, while it was down Karn provided an update that added object rendering which is not currently in the alienfactory download. If you want to merge this here is Karn's update:

 Post subject: Re: Playback library latest notes
 Post Posted: Mon Mar 16, 2009 5:59 pm 
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Apologies for the down time of :roll:

JavaMappy 2.2.8
Anyhow, to let you know I've merged Kris Arndt's changes into the new release and added support for J2ME MIDP 2.0 devices.


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